Experience and professionalism

We support our clients through a team of professionals with long tenure in the “Big Four” professional environment,
offering our expertise to national and international companies.


Pro Audit’s approach to auditing is based on ISA Italia international auditing standards also applying the methodology of the National Council of Accountants. Specifically, we offer the following audit services:

  • Statutory and voluntary audit of statutory and consolidated financial statements.

  • Auditing of financial statements, group reporting packages, interim financial statements, particular balance sheet items (AUP) and sustainability budgets.

  • Supporting the Board of Auditors in carrying out audit procedures.

  • Accounting and Tax Due Diligence activities with in-depth analysis and verification of accounting data and information related to the company under negotiation, also in order to identify adjustments to key price drivers (EBITDA, Net Financial Position, Shareholders’ Equity).

  • Supporting debt certifiers in debt restructuring and court proceedings in verifying the veracity of accounting data.

  • Certification of R&D expenses for tax credit purposes.

Consulting activities

In addition to auditing activities, we provide consulting and related services:

  • Assisting in the preparation of consolidated financial statements.

  • Assisting in the resolution of complex technical accounting issues, including those related to the first-time application of IAS/IFRS (First Time Adoption).

  • Assisting in Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transactions.

  • Analysis and implementation of the internal control system, including when changing ERP management, to prevent accounting errors and fraud.

  • Analysis of the company’s economic and financial performance to enable management to make informed decisions (preparation of company dashboards).

  • Assistance and advice in the verification of indicators under the Code of Business Crisis.

Teaching activities

We conduct lectures in cooperation with leading training companies, for professional orders and universities,
along with ad hoc courses for professional firms on the following topics: accounting, accounting principles
and financial statement preparation, economic-financial analysis and auditing


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